Since 1986


At J & J Tool Company we realize that service is our most important product. We know that down time is the biggest expense that our customers face. Therefore we strive to deliver jobs on time and correct the first time.
To accomplish this, we employ top quality machinists, with many years experience. Top quality machine tools, and an organization that allows us to respond quickly to an emergency. We stock many materials in house. Also, we do heat treating to provide quick turnaround.
J&J has complete design services with Computer Aided Drafting and Computer Aided Machining. This allows us to take a part or a machine from concept to production in house. This capacity allows quick turn around on parts on turn key systems. Emergency parts and repairs are a major part of our business and after hour jobs are common place. We know that we must satisfy our customers to keep them. J&J is proud to say that we still have our first customer.


Many of our customers prior to working with us had troubles getting the repairs and parts they required in a timely manner. They also had trouble getting the correct reverse engineering done, so the part or components perform correctly, preventing costly downtime. Also companies have trouble finding one shop that can manage their larger projects in house.

By continuing to provide timely service and accuracy, our customers feel they are being taken care of. So here at J&J we take it personal to uphold this service to the highest standards.